replica watches nz Compared with watches made of stainless steel, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60%, the hardness is about 10 times that of stainless steel, and it is resistant to rust and heat. It has high hardness, is not easy to wear, never fades, and does not damage. The advantages of skin.

replica swiss watches The most important thing about ceramics is that it is resistant to friction, and even scratching with a knife does not necessarily leave scratches. However, the birth of ceramic watches is mainly to recognize that steel is not wearable. What is not said is that ceramics are not as good as steel.

swiss replica watches Although the ceramic watch is made of high-tech ceramics, the hardness is only a little higher than that of ordinary ceramics. If your ceramic watch is more than one meter away, or from your hand, the hand slips down to some hard place where the cement is hard. There will be cracks and debris peeling off, but there will be no breaks, broken parts, violent collisions, and small pieces of peeling are common.

replica swiss watches nz Ceramics are both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing: smooth to the touch and thermally insulated. Unlike titanium or steel watches that heat up rapidly under the scorching sun, ceramic watches are also refreshing during the summer. Most ceramics are natural black, which is also a popular color in the watchmaking industry.

swiss replica watches nz Unlike PVD and DLC surface treatments, the color of ceramics is permanent, does not wear out, and does not dim over time. Some ceramics are natural white, just like the J12 series that Chanel loves. Some ceramics are chocolate. Ceramics can also be dyed as a whole, and the blue and green watches of the Blaise are a good attempt.

replica watches sale Of course, don't forget the maintenance problem. The daily watch will be worn for a long time. There will be dirt. You need to gently scrub the strap with a small toothbrush and soapy water to ensure the gloss of the watch. We will roll the strap when cleaning the strap. replica watches outlet In a circle, the gap between the straps will be larger and will be much cleaner when cleaning.

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